Silos & Tanks

Ullco can look back on a history of more than 45 year in container construction. To ensure our products are always state of the art ULLCO is continually pushing and developing our capabilities further. Our product range includes all sizes and types of stainless steel containers: sterile or unpressurized tank, perpendicular or horizontal, self supporting, framed or on feet. We create the best solution for you.

  • Custom sizing and the translation of clients’ wishes lead to optimal space utilization and visually attractive solutions
  • We have a wide range including unpressurized and semi aseptic processing tanks right the way up to sterile tanks
  • All tanks are available with heating or cooling jacket systems for atmospheric pressure or pressure resistant specification
  • Our containers are made by us according to your requirements in all sizes – also as multi level containers. They can be equipped with our without insulation and optionally with our without heating and cooling jackets
  • Our stirring units are precisely suited to the product requirements. They ensure an always even and gentle mix. We work with renowned stirring unit manufacturers and also offer stirring units from our own manufacture
  • Protective frames, access ladders and working platforms are all created on site in accordance with all health and safety directives
  • We can also modify or extend your existing plant

Stainless Steel Containers

Our customized stainless steel containers cover all types of stainless steel container construction. The differing requirements and quality demands of our domestic and international clients are effectively met by our industry expertise and technical know how. For this we employ the most modern manufacturing technology and qualified staff. Processing requirements such as heating / cooling, stirring, storing, insulating and other specialized processes are realized to your specifications for each and every container. For decades now ULLCO containers stand for quality and reliability.

Pharmaceutical Containers

Pharmaceutical containers and tanks require high quality, reliability and safety standards. At ULLCO we achieve these standards permanently through the appliance of the most modern manufacturing techniques, long standing employees and industry knowledge. Excellent inner and outer surface quality, total material traceability and documentation in accordance with pharmaceutical directives are just some of the points that make up the quality standards for our pharmaceutical containers and pharmaceutical tanks. ULLCO manufactures for you in accordance with European and international standards such as AD2000.

Chemical Containers

The chemical industry uses all types of container. From high quality reactor to the simple storage tank, from large containers with a capacity of two million litres to the smallest mixing container. In addition, thanks to often highly sensitive and aggressive materials, the highest quality, reliability and safety standards must be ensured for our domestic and international clients. Together with you our engineers develop process solutions, our skilled workforce implements these processes with the most modern manufacturing techniques and our quality control monitors these processes with complete documentation for the container. For containers and tanks requiring welding on site our experienced assembly team is at your disposal.

Container Specification

Every industry and every client has specific demands and requirements. Our industry experienced engineers and technicians work out constructive solutions together with you. In addition to pure process solutions we can also advise you on general specification and special accessories and offer handling, maintenance and transport solutions