Spray drying

Complete spray drying plants
  • atomizer unit with nozzle atomizers
  • atomizer unit with rotary atomizer

Fabrication of components for spay drying plants
  • Drying chambers
  • Air distributor inserts for drying chambers
  • Atomizer unit with nozzle lances and high pressure valves (1)
  • Atomizer unit with nozzle lances and high pressure valves (2)
  • Spraying units with centrifugal atomizer
  • Concentrate heaters
  • Integrated fluid beds
  • External fluid beds
  • Filter for exhaust air suitable for CIP-cleaning (Patent since February 2011)
  • Air heater (for heating with gas, oil or steam)

Delivery of additional equipment for spray drying plants
  • Homogenizers
  • Sieve machines
  • CIP tanks
  • CIP pumps
  • Piping work
  • Air condition plants
  • Ventilators

Ullco has 36 years experience in drying technology and optimization of your existing spray drying plant. This enables our customers to increase the drying capacity and the powder output, or the optimize powder specifications and qualities and to save energy. After the engineering, Ullco handles delivery, build-up, assembling and start-up of the plant.

Plant engineering and construction

  • Silo Plants
  • Tank Plants
  • Pneumatic conveying plants
  • Spray drying plants
  • Piping work

Special machines and aggregates

  • Sieve machines
  • BIG-BAG filling-, dosing-, weighing- and emptying-stations
  • Silo filters
  • Worm conveyors, dosage worm conveyors
  • Vacuum valves
  • Over-under pressure valves
  • Weighing units for silos and tanks

Normal tanks without pressure

Capacity from 100 li to 1.000.000 li
Design: with feets
with skirt support
with plug
vertical design
horizontal design
with stirrer
more chamber tanks
Coffer tanks
Erection of tanks at the site of the clients and special constructions after your enquiry

Special tanks

Capacity: no limit, acc. to your demand, no standard fabrication
Design: Process vessels
with heating and or cooling coils
with special stirrer
Tanks with pressure including pressure test certificate TÜV Germany
Tanks acc. to water resources law (WHG) with Certificates TÜV Germany
Crystallization tanks
Pressure mix tanks
Reactor pressure tank

We also deliver and mount the required special stirrer for your process.

Machinery for cheese industry

  • Salt bath for cheese
  • Horden cleaning plants

Special fabrication

If the equipment, you have ordered, is bigger than the road, the Ullco team is manufacturing and assembling at your site.

Tanks - Silo-plants - process engineering - Stainless steel plant engineering and construction