Since establishment of the Ullmann Company it is our highest priority to produce with a high standard of quality and delivery on time to our clients.

In respect of the continuous growing of highest quality standard, Ullmann Company works consequently on the development of our fabrication process and machines. One of the main part in beginning of our work is the construction and project work on modern CAD workstations.

The necessary software would be continuously actualized and extended with new modules. Ullmann Company is authorized company for fabrication of pressure Tanks and fabrication of WHG- Tanks.
Ullmann Company is under supervising of TÜV-Germany.
Ullmann Company is authorized for all welding processes and we have TÜV tested and certified welders.
Ullmann Company is accepted Manufacturer by the German Government and also accepted by the Swiss Rules SVTI.
The Inspection of our own fabrication process would be under supervising of our welding engineer.
The round and longitudinal welding seams is made by means of self-developed welding machines. For the welding work ULLCO uses modern hand WIG welding machines
The processing of the round welding seams are made by means of welding seam pressing machine
Cutting of sheets and making holes is made by means of computer controlled plasma cutting machine
Efficient fabrication of big tanks on our fabrication tower and loading the tanks on special trucks for transport to our clients
Installation of the tanks and erection of the equipment is made by experienced fitters

Tanks - Silo-plants - process engineering - Stainless steel plant engineering and construction